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Sphere is hosting a Ruby meetup in St.Petersburg

Yes, we are going to host a Ruby meetup again in St.Petersburg on September 14.

We are going to cover Rails 3.1, CoffeeScript, Asset Papeline, Bundler’s secrets, Knockout.JS and much more.

Here is a post on the blog covering out previous meetups:

Here’s a list of topis:

  • Bundler: Tips & Tricks
  • Rails 3.1: Asset Pipeline & CoffeeScript
  • Introduction to Knockout.JS
  • FireBug is dead. Long live Chrome Development Tools
  • Introduction to Haskell
  • Balsamiq Mockups
  • Code quality in a growing startup
  • Guard
  • Haskell: Practical usage in training machines for Aviation

If you happen to be around you are welcome to come.

A few photos from the meetup:

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