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The thing is, I just don’t think today’s bu cheap louis vuitton bags siness reflects what middleaged Britis

replica louis vuitton handbags Have you seen that new hotelJackson arrived in Charlotte the previous month after the team acquired his contract rights in a trade with the Golden State Warriors.She has also topped best dressed lists and wowed in high fashion creations by Miu Miu despite her young age. We still have Don Young […]

Sphere Consulting, Inc. sponsoring in TechWeek concept series on Agile Enterprise

Sphere Consulting has recently engaged in an Agile development project with Techweek as part of Techweek Concept Series. Techweek invited 100 guests and 6 speakers to showcase what we call the emergence of the “Agile Enterprise”. The Agile Enterprise means the ability of a corporation to create and maintain a culture and methodology of agility […]

Sphere Consulting, Inc. attends Web2.0 Expo in New York, NY


Sphere Consulting, a leading global provider of software development services, will be presenting their latest in software delivery solutions this year at the Web2.0 Expo in New York from October 10th to October 13th. In addition to discussing these solutions, Sphere’s guru developers from Chicago, Russia and the Ukraine will being delivering a keynote seminar […]

Sphere Consulting to Attend Windy City Rails Conference

Sphere Consulting will be participating in the annual Windy City Rails one-day conference. On September 17, 2011, Chicago, Illinois – WindyCityRails Conference will open its doors to those who are passionate about Ruby on Rails. The conference will focus on providing training and information on Ruby on Rails for those who want to improve their […]

In Agile, Scrum and offshore development, time zone is of the essence!

I recently attended a presentation on agile development in Silicon Valley hosted by the SVPMA (Silicon Valley Product Management Association). I was highly interested in the topic because like the speaker, I have been involved with implementation of Agile development processes with teams distributed across oceans. The speaker, James Morehead of discussed how they […]

The prediction of Ruby development in 2010

The prediction of Ruby development in 2010: By September of 2010, the new RoR sweet spot will emerge. It will combine Amazon EC2 Instances overlayed by an optimized Ruby 1.9.x and Rails 3.x stack from a Rails hosting service, such Engine Yard or Heroku or RightScale. In addition to the usual MySQL and PostgreSQL, they […]