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Main advantages of Ruby on Rails usage

Posted by admin on Feb 27, 2013 3:40:45 AM

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a compact and effective way to build web applications. Each platform has advantages and disadvantages that make sense in light of each company's target market.
The main advantages of Ruby on Rails usage are:
1. High speed of development. For example, site development that would traditionally take about 2-3 months can commonly be launched much quicker with Ruby on Rails. This time savings results from a few factors: a leaner code-base (fewer lines of redundant code) and a modular design (re-using existing components rather than building everything from scratch). As such, after launching the site, modifications can be made more quickly as well.
2. Cost-effectiveness. As Rails sites can be built and modified quickly, this is a really cost-effective way to create and maintain the website — without compromising the quality, performance, or scalability of your site.
3. Flexibility – there are lots of gems (already built components of specific functionality available); re-using them rather than building everything from scratch provides a lot of different bricks to build the application and extend its functionality.
A variety of plugins are available to solve just about any functional challenge you may need for your project. Additionally, Rails is an ideal way to build custom database solutions at a fraction of the usual time and expense.
4. High code quality.
The Ruby language and Ruby on Rails framework are under active development and support. New features, ideas are introduced quite often. Security updates and fixes are released regularly. A large body of books, blog entries and experiences are also shared online to learn from.
5. Industry support.
There are professional hosting support companies, (Heroku, EngineYard). experienced consulting companies, two primary cloud-based offerings, and help with development and deployment and more. Both provide an easy-to-scale, managed hosting environment. Both are built on Amazon EC2 and offer contrasting approaches and features that will appeal to different audiences.
Sphere Consulting is an 8+ year pioneer in Ruby on Rails development and expert in developing database-driven web applications.

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